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A user-friendly, yet powerful Telnet Server that runs on Windows systems. The command library is built on 'plug-in' DLLs, so it is easy to add new commands to the server when they come out. The latest version (v1.34 - 15/06/2005) lets the user write their own VB scripts, as well as write their own command libraries (referred to as modules, which come in the form of compiled DLLs - mentioned above). Both VB scripts, and command libraries are accessible to clients, who can execute them during their telnet sessions. This means that any user with experience in VB can personalise DataNet to meet their every need. DataNet comes with a few pre-made example VB scripts, and a wide selection of Command families, one of which provides an interface similar to that of Dos. DataNet can support multiple domains, and four different user types. DataNet comes with a Command Restriction tool that allows the Admin to restrict specific commands/scripts from certain user groups on different domains.

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